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December 12, 2013
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AB: Hibiki 2.0 revamp by Riaruu AB: Hibiki 2.0 revamp by Riaruu
I can kinda draw now ; v ; still a bit rusty though, and i can't draw nonstop for long periods of time e v e

I'M SORRY HE GOT SHOTA-FIED ///:iconrunrolanrunplz:


Name: Kobayakawa "Hibiki" Rikiya
Nickname: Hibiki, Riki, Hiriki, Kobiki
Age: 18
D.O.B: 26th May
Height: 169cm
Weight: 57kg
Orientation: (?????)
Rank: C
Team: N/A
Tuner/Rider: N/A


Glacier Road - Custom Road

The Glacier road is formed when Hibiki reaches his max speed, as his wheels light up the ground is covered by ice wherever he runs or will run on, it is a hybrid of the wing road and his custom road. Using the ice he can immobilize other riders by freezing them over, or their ATs. The ice helps with gaining speed and smooth riding along with heavy landing. The Glacier road can be used to its full capacity when in areas with high altitude as the atmosphere has lower temperatures, further assisting in releasing cold wind to aid in his riding, but due to the heavy ATs and the amount of energy and stamina needed, it can only be used for a short time.

The downside of the road is that it causes a large burden on his body, trapping parts of it in ice the longer he rides with it. The cold causes stiff joints and muscle spasm all over his body when used at its max for a long period of time. Even using it for a short time will cause pain in his legs and joints.

air treks

Made out of heavy yet durable material, it has 3 wheels instead of 2 for extra balance. The heavy Ats help with switching directions in mid-air, travel with smooth motion and makes riding along walls easier as he changes his center of gravity. Making sharp and sudden movements to parkour are made easier while maintaining high speed. The wheels light up when reaching its highest speed and creates a fluid-like after-image behind him. The Durability allows heavy landing without damaging the Ats and makes changing direction easier when twisting and throwing his leg around with the help of the weight of the ATs.

Yet the heaviness drains his energy and stamina faster than normal Air Treks, thus only able to perform fast, short runs rather than long runs.


Despite being very Cheerful and always smiling and trying to never show his sadness or anger, Hibiki is a very shy person. He will try to start a conversation but struggle and stutter when improvising. Apart from being good at not showing negative emotions, he is bad at lying and is very obvious. 

But once you get to know him he's like the noisy best friend who always pesters you like a mother hen. Childish yet not rude, he knows his manners and respects the elders. Is liked by most people. But once he is angered, he will stop at nothing to beat the hell out of the person...i-in an AT battle of course!
Now that he has obtained his own ATs, he tries to change his shy personality, taking new steps and trying out new things. He always tries to stay 'positive'

* Cheerful || Childish || Polite || Shy || Hyper || Mother-Hen || Naive || (sometimes dumb) || (oblivious to some situations) || Shows on the "Cool and Collected" front || Tries to be brave

history/team history

Born and raised in Shibuya with a family of 4 (Mother, Elder sister, Younger brother and himself), Hibiki grew up with the latest trends and loved street art, was good a cooking because of his mother and sister teaching him since he was young (FEMALEINFUENCEINTHEFAMILY), and as being the oldest brother, many responsibilities where given to him. His Father had left the family when he was 6 years old, which left a large scar in his life. His father was such a gentle and inspiring person who Hibiki loved and looked up to, more than his mother, and when he left he thought his world was falling apart. He knew all those argument his parents had when they thought none of them were home yet kept silent about them. After a while his father started drinking heavily, his personality turning 180 degrees. He became violent, hitting his mother, abusing Hibiki and even trying to lay a hand on his sister and younger brother. The police caught up to them later on, but the damage has already been dealt. It took a few years, but their family routine returned to normal and during those years, never has his older sister or mother been strict or angry at him. Hibiki knew better, his personality out of the way, he knew he had to support his loving family.

And yet being the shy boy he is, had trouble making friends until 2nd year of middle school because of his crybaby personality and looks, but one day on the way home from school he was pushed into a crowd of people while running away from some bullies. The crowd were cheering at the battle of Riders and watching the battle unfolding before his eyes, sparked something inside him, a flame, a new opportunity. Taking a large interest in Ats, Hibiki saved money from balancing his part-time jobs and school as well as chores and bought himself a pair of ATs and redesigned it, adding a 3rd wheel and a theme to his liking. 

Hibiki was always a fast runner and very flexible from running away from bullies when he was young, he also loved riding skateboards and parkour so it wasn't long 'till he got the hang of riding Air Treks, riding along walls and rails, building his skills and creating his own techniques by combining parkour movements He gradually became more and more confident (and dyed his hair (blue streaks)) and started making friends who also rode ATs, entering touranments to obtain better parts and now feared no bullies.

Despite his clumsiness on his feet, when it comes to Ats he seems to be better at it than walking (LOLwhut;;.)


AB: Hybrid Remix Emblem by Riaruu
Solo Rider emblem: H Y B R I D  R E M I X


♪ Ookami Raiden - SEMpiter : Met in front of the music store. Both are music lovers. Hibiki somehow acts very shy and feels intimidated by Raiden's sharp icy eyes. But after a year passing and the event of their 'reunion', he has come to gotten used to his overpowering presence and holds 'feelings.' aka. is now Raiden's bitch

♪ Nina Paul - shade9412 : Met at the park while practicing on his AT's. Are good acquaintances. 

likes: The colour BLUE and black || Cute things [animals] || nice people || Cooking || Street art || Parkour || Skateboards || AIR TREKS || Sweets ||Games/manga || MUSIC (mostly Trance/Techno) || Badges || Headphones ||

dislikes: Bullies || Mean/Rude people || Un-cute things (isthatevenawordLOL) || Bitter food || 


* Other hobby includes making his own street art/Graffiti
* Has a pet bird named Bito (beat)
* Going around the city to a less crowded area and parkour-ing 
* Can get Sugar-high when consuming too much sweets
* Cooking is a hobby
* Diligent Art student
* Surprisingly has a good academic record ["Hey waddya mean 'surprisingly!"]
* Fears the dentists (had to go several times because of his "sweet tooth")
* Has scars on his lower and upper back, abdomen, right wrist (covered by sweatband) and forehead (covered by hair). 
* Also has a mole on his left collarbone. 
is Uke
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